Hello Internets My Old Friend

I have ordered DSL service for my new apartment, but given the track record of Qwest it could be weeks before it gets hooked up. Fortunately, even though I no longer live at the Keathly’s house, they don’t seem to mind when I ask if I can come over, do a load of laundry, and pilfer their internet for a couple of hours.

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Three Is The Magic Number, Yes It Is

My general recommendation is that one avoid moving to a new home in the rain. That said, the big movement came out okay over the weekend, and I am only slightly dead as a result.

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Babie’s Got The Rabies

So, if’n you’re all “hey, Jesse, where can I listen to music featuring fuzz bass and a keytar?” I have the answer for you in the form of “Duchess Says.”

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Professor, What’s Another Name For Pirate Treasure?

Today I did many things. I had a job interview at my job to get hired to do more job things. I faxed in proof of employment (for suitably internet printed definitions of “proof”) and was immediately approved to rent an apartment for about the same rent as the place in Anoka, except on my own. I finished my Computer Science 4061 homework instead of clocking in at work so that I could go to Sarah’s studio and review her work so she could have some feedback before her first year MFA review thing tomorrow, only to have her cancel when I called at five, but hey, that was okay, because I needed to put that time in on the homework anyway or it wouldn’t have been done in time, I went to my “Introduction to the Internet” class and then followed my professor to the eating and boozing establishment known as the “Big 10.”

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My Sweetest Friend

Oh no. Oh no. So wrong.

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Maybe I Do

“[Jesse]’s got a Haley Boner hair doll,” Zach said just now.

A: That’s not how you pronounce her name.
B: Zach is just jealous

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Picking a Process

Sorry, no pictures today — I’ve been shooting HP5 in my new Canon Canonet QL17 G-III, which means that I am at the tender mercies of Sarah to either develop my film for me or sneak me into a lab to process my film myself.

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New Digs

I signed up for an apartment down on the edge of Steven’s Square. I hope that the building is haunted.

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Things My Girlfriend Says

“I’m glad you’re not Mormon,” Sarah said.

“That doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in polygamous marriages,” I replied.

“No, but it does reduce the likelihood.”

Fair enough.

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This Is My Rifle, This Is My Gun

I tell you what: I have no problem with the idea of a military. I’m fairly sure that we have a real need for a standing army, navy, marine corps, and unstoppable air power. That said, at 31, I think that I have spent plenty of time considering the possibilities of service, and so far the answer has been a simple “not for me.” Ain’t no thing: I like sleeping in and not being shot at. That’s just me.

I got an email from the Marines the other day, so I thought that I would share. We’ll see if they email back.

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