So This is Wyoming

I had a wonderful drive from Rapid City, South Dakota to Cody, Wyoming today. I’m gonna go get a meaty steak and then probably upload photos and figure out my route post-Yellowstone.

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Go West Young Man

When I learned to dive, or at least when I learned to fall into water from high places without injuring myself too greatly, there was a period of time where I would go to the edge of the diving board and stand there, shivering and dripping, not sure if I would be able to make my feet move to carry me in. The secret to diving is that it is just falling. You lean forward, whistle through the air, and want to do it again even before parting the water. California is the pool, and tonight I am climbing the ladder to a board suspended two thousand miles from my destination. Here’s to diving.

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Apartment: Very Nearly Empty

Noah hung out with me this morning while I waited for the movers to come take my stuff out of my apartment. Despite numerous attempts to get rid of stuff, I still have quite a lot. Noah and I drew ourselves, ninjas, and werewolves while waiting for everything to get done. It seemed to take forever. Afterwards, we had pizza at Snap!.

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10 year old Jesse is quite happy

I just got a Dalek and a sonic screwdriver from my coworkers.

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Oslo, Bodø, and Points Norwegian

Sarah flew off to Norway today. It didn’t really hit me until the very second that she disappeared behind the up escalator as I rode the down. It was the sear of fire and smoke in my eyes. It was a scouring of my throat. It was my legs leadening. It was the air jelling. I drowned my way to my car and gasped. She flies East, and soon I will drive West. There will be Christmas, or flights in between — but now — then, as I fumbled my keys into the ignition — she was farther away on the other side of the checkpoint than she will be in Norway. I hope that in two weeks, she’ll call for the thirtieth time to tell me about the color green as it applies to fields, and I’ll tell her about the sun pouring down from the sky and knocking me off of my feet.

My mom, Lisa, Stan, and Noah came to help me pack at 3. Stan and I packed almost the rest of the living room, Lisa and my mom powered through the entirety of the kitchen. Noah watched Futurama and Scooby Doo. I didn’t really think that I had as much kitchen stuff as I do. Anyway, the bedroom, bathroom, fishtank, and “entertainment center” are all that are left– except for the deep cleaning that my apartment doesn’t deserve.

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Yet Another Wishlist

Sarah commented that I should drop hints about what I want for my birthday. Oh. Yeah, that! I forgot about it amidst the wonder and glory of trying to get myself and an apartment full of stuff ready for a cross-country trip.

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Truer Words


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Do You Know the Way to San Jose?

La la lala la la lala la

This way versus this way.

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Batman Spoilers

I <3 (love) the new Batman movie, especially this part:

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A Small Announcement

I’ve been on pins and needles for seemingly months, but finally I have documents in my email offering me the position of Software Engineer at SugarCRM in Cupertino, California. My start date is August 25th. I’m very excited — not just for the job, but also for the daily intake of sunshine.

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