Since I’m already sweaty

Stan and I rode bicycles to Mill City Coffee (or whatever the hell it’s called these days) and back. I was towing Noah in the Burly. It’s only 2.6 miles each way, but it felt like 26. When we put the bikes back in the garage, I noticed that Noah had thrown the boat anchor out the back. I guess that explains the load grinding noise. Note to self: I hate flat handlebars.

Then, I mowed the lawn, which is always strangely relaxing. Tonight I babysit Noah so that Lisa and Stan can go out and pretend to not be grown ups for a while. I’m either 13 now or 43.

After some discussion with my financiers I think that I might still be able to get a bike, so I think that I will drive to some bike shops and get measured. Or, I could just go get that $50 mountain bike at Target and swear a lot when I ride. Nothin’ wrong with that. I enjoy swearing. It’s a fine art.

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I Don’t Want a Pickle

Gerg let me know that his bike still wasn’t running, so I did a little more research and sent him a list of things to check, including whether or not there was too much oil in his crankcase and if there was any additional oil in the airbox. The answer to both of those questions turned out to be “yes,” so our carburetor work was pretty much all for naught - except that his carb did get a nice cleaning. In any case, he drained a bunch of excess oil out of the bike and did something with the air filter, and the bike started and ran well enough for him to drive to Lodahl’s house.

I found this when I called him back after my double-header nap. Part one wasn’t very satisfying, but in the intermission I had delicious Annie’s mac and cheese, and it’s a lot easier to nap with a brick of cheese in one’s stomach. When I finally woke up again I stumbled upstairs to watch an episode of Monk before having a flash of inspiration that I could go see Wedding Crashers by myself, since that was about all for which my brain was up to speed. I laughed a lot, but I heart Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. I thought that Vince’s monologue about dating at the start of the movie was worth the price of admission by itself, but there was plenty of out of control humor to go around.

Good night, y’all. I think it’s time to watch that other episode of Monk and slip into unconsciousness.

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Mix CDs

I already posted the red car playlist elsewhere, so I don’t need to repeat it. These are just mixes that I have actually burned. If you are awaiting a mix I am still germinating the seed of the list.

Songs For Moms

My mom is awesome, but sometimes she has a rough time of it. She likes this CD, which is sort of cool and weird.

The Flaming Lips Bad Days (aurally excited version)
Firewater Psychopharmacology
Descendents Everything Sucks
Built To Spill You Were Right
Rilo Kiley A Better Son-Daughter
Elliott Smith Memory Lane
Tegan And Sara Monday Monday Monday
Cat Power Cross Bones Style
Walt Mink brave beyond the call
Slim Cessna’s Auto Club Last Song About Satan
Micranots Mother’s Day (from an album called “Obelisk Movement,” which is sort of an inside joke.)


I don’t know if this needs any explanation, but maybe this Say Anything quote will help:

Bitches, man.

Firewater Get Out of My Head
Walt Mink Love You Better
Archers Of Loaf You And Me
Cop Shoot Cop Hung Again
Soul Coughing How Many Cans?
Howlin’ Maggie Alcohol
Quasi Drunken Tears
Hot Hot Heat Bandages
Forget Cassettes Accismus
Cop Shoot Cop It Only Hurts When I Breathe
Descendents Enjoy

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Wait, what?

This morning Lisa commented that I looked a little lost. I would have said bewildered. I went on a non-date last night. My boss commented yesterday that every non-date is a date as soon as you screw up. Apparently I didn’t screw up, because it ended up being a date. She came to my house and hung out on the deck with me until the wee hours. She had worn her work clothes, so I loaned her a t-shirt, then a hoodie, then a blanket. Stars appeared and disappeared behind the leaves of the maple tree while clouds piled up overhead and drifted apart. It was like that.

I don’t know what to make of it all, and I’m fresh out of sass tonight — even after a dual stage nap.

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It could be worse


I could be this guy.

WOW. Why the fuck am I awake now?

Props to dooce.

Did I tell you about dooce? I should have, because she’s way funnier than I am.

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Weird as hell

Do I really come off as a lush? It’s all a total act. After this summer I will probably go back to the grim spectre of sobriety. In the mean time, any time that a cute woman wants to come to my house and encourage me to drink myself silly on the deck I am all over that like a cheap suit. Shit. That does sound like a thing that Drinky McDrunk Drunk would say.

None of you have any idea what the fuck is really going on.

Paul, you should come drink here too.

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No fire

Apparently this morning Gerg’s bike was turning over but not starting. He said that he would try unfouling the plugs and stuff. Hopefully we can arrange another evening of shadetree mechanicry. Uh, I’m not sure that was a word. Oh well.

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And for Gerg’s birthday

Dallas Orbiter will be playing the Varsity Theater. Have you checked out their album yet? Okay, their live shows are better, but soon they will be holing up in their underground studio again, so you will have to squeeze every last drop of awesome that you can out of their albums. EVERY LAST DROP.

Uh. That’s, uh, August… uh… 5th.

I’m a bad friend.

Oh yeah, my popcorn smells like carb cleaner. My carb cleaner smells like popcorn. Delicious. We got the carb out, cleaned it, adjusted the floats (using my IKEA tape measure), and put everything back together. Every so often, we would ask “where did this extra hose come from?” and frantic minutes of searching would reveal that it was just another overflow hose. When it was complete, it didn’t start because the battery was dead. Gerg promised that he would let me know how it all comes out tomorrow after a night of charging. It almost started a few times, but…

It’s been a long long week.

Gerg’s bike looks like this:

I’m only a little jealous.

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What are you doing on your birthday?

Cake Woman asked me what plans I had for my 30th birthday. I shrugged and she suggested:

Drive your car off of a cliff?

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Skyrockets in flight

shuttle03 nasa big

We’re back in space!

Thanks to Astronomy Picture of the Day

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