dæven steike!


You know already that I collect odd words, but did you know that i specialize in embarrassing foreign words? You should hear my spanish translation of the “milk milk lemonade” song.

Anyway, swear in Norwegian all you want!

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Pene a lope!


Sadly, it wasn't as funny as I had hoped, although there were moments.

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Good Karma?

My mom got me a very cool present for Christmas. Thanks, Mom!

I already had a large number of mp3s, but now I am redoubling my efforts to organize and document them with appropriate mp3 tags. To that end I am using two or three things on my PC, from iTunes to Rio's own management software.

So far, iTunes has the coolest playlist options - I can basically write any criteria for a playlist and iTunes will get those songs. For instance, I have a playlist of songs rated four or five stars that I haven't listened to in two weeks. If I rate a new file with five stars it just magically shows up on that playlist. Of course, iTunes doesn't sync with my Rio Karma and I haven't found an option to export a playlist in m3u format, but I have done some shenanigans with iTunes's xml data, xsltproc, and perl to produce m3u files in bulk. I can drag those playlists to my Rio, and all the associated songs go with it.

There are some caveats, but this thing is quickly becoming my constant companion. I wish that it has iTunes-style playlists built in. I wish that I could rate songs and use that data to sort music. I wish that I could assign my own metadata. I wish that I could access all of the ID3v2 tags.

Anyway, whereever I go, I can finally hear those Tom Waits albums that I have lurking in my collection. That pretty much means that I can listen to my music all day at work. 20GB means that I don't have to listen to the same albums over and over again, so I will finally be giving Cake a rest.

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schlocky commercials

Matt Hotujec wrote:

Big time hollywood stars often get paid big money to do schlocky, cheesy Japanese commercials. But the contracts are written to specificially prohibit broadcast in the US. Well, thanks to the magic of the Internet, you, too, can see your favorite movie stars in stupid commercials.


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Child�s Play

Penny Arcade is working with the Seattle Children�s Hospital and Amazon.com to make this Christmas really special for a lot of very sick kids.

Buy something for those kids by buying something from their wishlist. Do it for the kids.

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You boys are crazy!

Continuing my string of random Asian characters, here is an exclamation that I heard a lot when I was growing up…

The full sentence was usually: “哎呀! Why are you boys awake? It is two AM!”

哎呀: [aiya!] Oh, Lord! Wow! WTF!

[ai1] /an interjection/hey/lookout/why etc/

[ai1] /an interjection/to express realization or agreement (yes, oh, right, etc)/

[ya5] /(final part.)/

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Matrix Revolutions

Deus Ex Machina

The end was too easy, otherwise, well, the special effects were fine, and you don't have to see Keanu's Ass, so, yeah.

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Firewater at the entry

Loud. LOUD. Totally awesome.

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I’m Le Tired

Matt Hotujec brings the noize:


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badger, mushroom, a snake, a snake!

Matt Hotujec brought this to my attention:

Funny if you're kinda sleep deprived and let it run for a while. You
need sound for this.

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