Back from the dead

I guess whoever died just isn’t dead anymore, or they stopped mattering.

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Time to register for all new classes

I am very weird.

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Norm ditched me tonight

Fortunately, Paul is around. Unfortunately, he wants “Bacardi Razz” for orange sodie floats. It’s a good thing that the liquor store up here is open until 10. Glorious.

Oh yeah, my final either went awesomely, or I totally screwed it up because I didn’t actually understand it at all. HOORAY! FUCK!

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Serving a file with no extension as text/html

I have been unable to read the archives of the blog of my friend Kassie, because firefox doesn’t render those pages as html. I gave her some advice to fix it, but, uh, I didn’t want to write pages and pages of explanation because… uh… well, that’s complicated, but regular readers can probably put that all together. However, she linked to me, so I guess she doesn’t think that I’m too much of an asshole. As such, I’ll present the longer explanation, and it will be a nice lesson for even some of my web-savvy friends (who have been instructed to punch me in the nuts for doing this).

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Gary’s Bike Trip

My mom works with this doctor who is biking across the US.

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Time for breakfast

I just sent one of the hardest emails I have ever sent. Time to get some eggs in me.

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Weekend Plans

What am I doing this weekend? Everyone wants to know! (No one wants to know, booooooo)

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By Thursday they mean Friday

Stan came upstairs to hand me the phone today while I was still firmly entrenched in my beauty sleep.

Qwest: Hello, this is Qwest, it looks to us like your DSL is working.
Me: Is it raining?
Qw: What?
Me: Is it raining… outside?
Qw: I don’t know.
Me: I don’t think that it is. Nope, it’s not.
Qw: Okay…
Me: If it isn’t raining, there won’t be a problem.
Qw: Oh. What?

Do these people just pull up any old ticket and dive in without looking at the history… at all?

Does this ever happen?

Qw: I see that service has been disconnected, so I turned it back on, and I’m sorry for any inconvenience
Me: What? No, I had called to have it disconnected in the first place.
Qw: I’m sorry, sir, is there anything that we can do to regain your business?
Me: Uh, you still have my business. It’s my great uncle who’s the dead guy.
Qw: Uhhh… I’m sorry about that.
Me: His house burned to the ground. O! Uncle Jimmy! O!
Qw: Oh. Uh.
Me: I hate you, Qwest, I really do.

This is why I don’t normally post quite so early in the morning. It just ends up being weird.

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