I Wanna Take You On A Moustache Ride

First of all, Saul of the Molemen is the worst television show about a geologist ever. Second, I can’t stop watching it. SO BAD.

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Canon, Canonet

My mom and I went to look at an apartment Saturday morning. Afterwards, we drowned my disappointment at the Mill City Cafe in Northeast. I took a roundabout way there, and on the way, my mom spotted a red robot in a window.

“Look! There’s a robot in the window of that antique shop!” she said. I glanced over and declared that my hunger was too great — we would have to visit after breakfast.

Little did I know that there was a cute, black rangefinder camera there.

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We’re Only Making Plans For Nigel

A real public service announcement. Not safe for work, unless you work in a nut doctor’s office.

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There is no such thing as a one sixth note

I keep listening to various performances of the Super Mario Brothers theme music, and I keep hearing some weirdness. I decided to pull out a tracker and get the timing down right. I was sort of right about the internet notation being wrong. The time signature is 4:4 with a nice triplet in there. To notate it in step notation I had to use a 96 line block, with each beat encompassing 6 lines.

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Photo + Digital

Today I looked at three apartments, called a couple more, and picked up a CD from La Cible*.


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Omelets and Magnets

Last night I went over to hang out with Elise. She made vegetable omelets with loads of mushrooms and spinach, and I took a handful of pictures with my film and digital EOS bodies. It wasn’t quite the photo shoot that I had hoped for, since I’m itching to press the shutter button a few hundred times in a row. While I was there she made good on a promise of a present: she produced a photo magnet with printing and modge podge and everything while I was there. I said a million nice things about Sarah.

I feel awfully pretentious when I talk about art, but part of my goal in thinking and talking about it is to figure out the parts that are not stupid.

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AFSCME: The Fuckin’ Union that Works for You

I was a Teamster, but would glad stand in solidarity with my AFSCME brothers and sisters. This ad features the most wonderful swearing I’ve heard in years. Not work safe, because I want you to get fired.

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A Jacob’s Ladder

A week or so ago was Chandler’s reading at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts. Her father did most of the reading and embarrassing-video-of-Chandler-as-an-aw-shucks-youngster-playing, but it was Chandler’s book that was the star of the evening.

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Six Months Without You

It was September first when last I rode my bike — I think that the last day in August was the one where I found out that my brakes work terrifically as I flew over the handlebars and into the path of an oncoming car. Fortunately they had a stop sign.
Surly Cross-Check

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But Is It Lactose Free?

Another video from Super Deluxe. This one is less work appropriate than the last.

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